How GOOD Is Tacko Fall Actually In The NBA? (Ft. Height, Tallest Player, Footspeed)

Dec 27, 2019
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Tacko Fall. the tallest player in the NBA, has finally played in a few NBA games for the Celtics so how good is Tacko? #Tacko #NBA #Tall
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Yes, Tacko Fall. He might be the nicest big man I have ever seen. And he makes everyone on the court look, well, comical. Tacko’s played in only 3 games and is averaging 4.3 points, 2.3 rebounds, and 0.7 blocks in 3.7 minutes per game. He’s shooting 75% from the field. There’s just a lot of hype, but how good is Tacko Fall in the NBA? Drop a like for how many dunks Tacko has done without jumping, 5829.
Yes, Tacko is super tall, but he also has an 8 foot 4 inch wingspan. He’s a demigod. This is a chart that Jxmyhighroller made when talking about Luka’s player efficiency rating. Luka went here, Giannis went here, Harden went here, and here’s Tacko Fall. Ok you really can’t put Tacko in here because he’s only played 11 total minutes in the NBA and he’s playing in garbage time against other people’s reserves. If we look at his per 36 minute numbers, Tacko is averaging 42.5 points, 22.9 rebounds, and 6.5 blocks.
Tacko isn’t the typical super tall big man. The main flaw in most tall players is that they are either too skinny like Manute Bol who was 7 foot 7, 201 pounds or too big like Sim Bhullar who was 7 foot 5, 359 pounds. He’s tall but the weight on him makes him look similar to other more fit big men. BMI isn’t the best measure for athletes, but it’s not too bad to use as a comparison to other players. Tacko’s BMI is 27, Yao Ming’s was 26.9, Anthony Davis has a BMI of 26.6.
The last time we saw him play against actual competition appropriate to his age was his senior year in college. Tacko went to University of Central Florida and in 33 games, he averaged 11.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks on 74.8% from the field. We saw him go against Duke and Zion, and almost cause a major upset. Tacko spent 4 years in college and he spent 4 years for a reason. Tacko came into college at 7’ 6”, 280 pounds.
Tacko in the G-League has been solid, especially for someone who the team isn’t really using as a main option. In 8 games, he’s averaging 13.6 points, 9 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks on 67.6% from the field in 22.4 minutes, but if you watch him in the games, his activity is what amazes me. Guys at his height usually aren’t moving around doing a lot of pick and rolls or sprinting back on defense, but he’s doing it all. He moving a lot during his 22 minutes. He has enough quickness to be able to stop this guard’s drive from the perimeter which says a lot about his foot speed. (wow) I know that this is the G-league and not the NBA, but that stamina and movement will be there regardless of the level. This is the biggest concern for Tacko, and yet he’s moving like any normal big man without any unusual gait. A lot of this goes back to him being a good size for someone at that height. Remember, Tacko is the heaviest player in the NBA right now. The second heaviest is Boban who’s 290 pounds.
Tacko isn’t advertised as an offensive threat and everyone keeps focusing on his height but when watching him, I was amazed by his ball control. And no I don’t mean handles, I mean actually holding and maneuvering the ball. Tacko Fall’s hands measure 10.5 inches in length and 10.5 inches in span, making them the 2nd longest hands in NBA history and the 14th widest hands in NBA history. That is crazy. Not every tall player has these type of hands. Manute Bol didn’t even make top 15 in hand sizes. He’s easily able to just move the ball with one hand, similar to how Michael Jordan used to use that on the perimeter and while finishing at the rim.
Defensively, it is almost impossible to score inside the paint on Tacko (smack), but involving him in high pick and roll action takes him completely out of his element. On shots less than 10 feet, he’s dropping field goal percentages by 16.4% but on 3 points, field goal percentages are raised by 11.4%. This is what’s keeping him from getting more playing time. It’s more that Tacko needs to learn how to defend up top. His lateral quickness is still pretty bad and that unfortunately doesn’t seem like it’s going to change.
So Tacko Fall, he’s really unique for a guy at his height. He shows a lot of promise and at his current level, he is more than capable of being a rotation player in the NBA. He isn’t some star, but he needs a team to give him a chance to get more minutes. But what do you think? Will Tacko Fall become a rotational player? Will he eventually become an all-star?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY10 months ago
    • He's 7-5 not 7-6

    • @MJ2K ALL DAY i ike how you do your homework n research b4 doing your videos n the humor/comedy that you add as well. SALUTE n Keep doing the keep up the good work. I appreciate you

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    • Tacko Tuesday

      KD GamingKD Gaming5 months ago
    • Sinbad tacking Tuesday

      KD GamingKD Gaming5 months ago
    • You said his name wrong. it’s pronounced Faall/fahll

      EkoEko6 months ago
  • He’s got potential and honestly what do the Celtics have to lose having him come off the bench?

  • As of now he lacks confidence. He just keeps going up down the court without doing anything. He should be more aggressive and assert himself and nobody will be able to defend him..

    sagar pksagar pk2 months ago
    • Yeah I mean common sense would tell you that anyone would lack confidence when you barely play...

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    Jay BeauJay Beau2 months ago
  • I truly think with a little more work footwork and again ball control coming up hiren the post working again on his footwork to keep in the place he could definitely make a difference in the NBA you can't take the hot out of a person so if he has the hot in the confidence and works hard

    Todd VickeryTodd Vickery3 months ago
  • I think if he was giving a chance he could be a good starter even a ALLSTAR. They Just need to give him a chance.

    Branyo RomeroBranyo Romero3 months ago
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  • Tacko fall is a 7'6 center who has the skill of flight.

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    • 7-5

  • Im Born n raised in Boston n all i hear about Tacko Fall is he is kind hearted, nice, respectful n nothing but all Positive things about him throughout the NBA

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    • Manute bol and gheorghe muresan are the tallest players of all time both at 7-7...

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  • I think Tacko Fall can do great things in the NBA

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  • dude he is the type of player who could make the nba go back to the big man by only drafting 7 foot 7 players and just feeding them the ball letting them shoot it without anything coming close to stopping them just like when we were 4 foot children playing against our 5'10"+ dads. and how could you not have him starting? he is unstoppable. I am not a fan of him idk much about him but just look at this mans. he could out rebound every player without boxing out or jumping.

    DevnDevn8 months ago
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  • According to wikipedia his academic skills are way more impressive than his athletic ones: "He maintained a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) in high school,[34] while taking advanced mathematics and science classes. He became fluent in English within eight months and scored in the 95th percentile on the SAT. He was a computer science major at UCF and originally had aspirations of becoming an engineer for electronic companies such as Siemens or Microsoft" So if NBA doesn't workout for him at least he has other option to succeed.

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