How GOOD Is Bronny James At 15 VERSUS His Dad LeBron? (Ft. NBA Potential, High School)

Jun 12, 2020
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LeBron James Jr a.k.a Bronny has been a high school basketball sensation with NBA potential, but how good is he actually? #NBA #Bronny #LeBron
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Bronny stands at 6’ 2”, 176 pounds and he’s a point guard, a primary ball handler for Sierra Canyon. That has somehow become a negative narrative when compared LeBron who was 6’ 6”, 200 pounds as a sophomore. And that’s going to be a recurring theme, specifically Bronny’s athleticism and essentially his genetics compared to his dad LeBron. But before we get there, let’s talk about Bronny’s competition. Real quick tho, shout out to Mars Reel for letting me use their crispy HD footage, and they got a bunch of Bronny highlights along with other players so check em out. Sierra Canyon is in California which has been the most competitive high school basketball in the country. And so not only is Bronny one of the younger players, he’s ending up playing schools like Mater Dei and Etiwanda who each have NBA prospects of their own. LeBron’s high school competition in his freshman year was nowhere near that, mostly because St. Vincent Mary wasn’t on the map. So LeBron wasn’t facing the best high school defenders until his Junior year, but he was still showing out.
Bronny’s doing everything, he’s dunking a lot, he’s making layups. Bronny really does the same one hand little rim grazer. He can dunk with 2 hands, catching alley-oops. This is still improvement from 8 months ago when dunks were more rare. His vertical seems to be getting higher, but LeBron as a 15 year old, he had a decent amount of more bunnies. This was in a sold out arena in Colombus when Bron was a 15 year old and he was just physically dominating. He made everyone else look like kids when he was a kid. And he would only get a bit bigger. He was always ranked at the top of his class. But as a freshman, what Bronny has shown is more on par with LeBron as a freshman and deserves better than the 24th ranking which I’ll get into later. LeBron wasn’t dunking everything, instead he was being crafty in the air, sort of avoiding contact. Full transparency, a lot of LeBron’s high school highlights aren’t categorized by year so seeing most montages are from his junior and senior where LeBron was so dominant that he got on Sports Illustrated at the age of 17. So just know that when you see random high school LeBron highlights pop up anywhere. Sophomore year highlights for LeBron show that LeBron was sorta just gliding in the air, right before he got all his bullying abilities. So no Bronny is not where his dad was at the same age in terms of athleticism, but it’s not completely off.
The expectations that Bronny is supposed to be doing this is extremely high and unrealistic because LeBron was literally one of the best high school players ever. But Bronny’s athleticism in the context of a normal high school freshman is up there and warrants a higher ranking. He’s not bullying through opponents just yet (show him getting blocked), but he’s being creative with his finishes. He’s been able to be acrobatic and his vertical is great. Let’s also remember that Bronny is a point guard. He’s already NBA height and he has 3 more years to go before college. Even if he only grows to 6’5” or 6’ 6”, he’s going to be one tall and lanky point guard.
Probably the most exciting part of Bronny’s game is his passing. He can thread the needle, make the right read, throw lobs from half-court, and pass it to the sweet spot of shooters. He continuously moves the ball around, very similar to his AAU days that I described in my video 8 months ago. But one thing I’ve noticed more and more is his ability to pass from awkward positions and still make pin point passes. He’s passing across his body, but still bulleting passes. I think this is something that’s directly from LeBron. LeBron was doing this all throughout high school. It’s one thing to have vision, it’s another to be able to execute these passes and he has both.
That’s the beauty of all this. Bronny is not the same as his dad, nor should he be. He’s going to develop differently, but that IQ that he has is priceless. You can see LeBron’s fingerprints on Bronny’s game, but that doesn’t mean that Bronny isn’t being himself. In fact, I think we’re just starting to see the surface of Bronny as a player and as a person. But what do you think? How good will Bronny become? Will Bronny and LeBron play in the NBA together?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY4 months ago
    • Bro the first time lebron played against oak hill was his sophomore year. His junior year is when he played against melo, but as a sophomore lebron dropped 33 on them. He was 1-3 against oak hill his only win was his senior year.

      Fresh StartFresh Start2 months ago
    • Bronny definitely won’t play with Lebron on the Lakers

      Chrisrock827Chrisrock8274 months ago
    • A lot of what if and buts in this video he's Clearly nowhere near im his father's 🤔

      Hasan WatsonHasan Watson4 months ago
    • Bronny is on track to be a really good two way player. Like you said his IQ is priceless. I also think they will play between one to three seasons either together or both just in the league( remember the Griffey's did it). An I have a new argument for best high school player ever, Melo almost dropped a hundo( food for thought)!

      Cedric MichaelCedric Michael4 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY well in the NBA I don't think so lebron would probably retire

      Dhiqo NBADhiqo NBA4 months ago
  • LeBron James will always have that edge on other competitors in comparison because of his even-handedness. He's a naturally left hand dominant athlete who was talented enough to develop, compete, and dominate with his right hand while the majority of other athletes just have the tendencies to polish up their right hand leading skillsets. Besides his strength, size, agility, and court vision, LeBron also have this split second advantage over the average righthanded opponents. If Bronny James is developing his weak hand now or a lefthand leading drive to the basket or the strength, agility, and handles to rip through, break away, or create space from a triple threat stance- then maybe he'll be the prospect with the most potential to become one of the best guards ever- among the ranks of Jordan, Kobe, and Hardin. (That is if he doesn't grow another 6 or more inches and gain another 50 or more pounds of muscle).

    nodozhitnodozhit2 days ago
  • Better than 24th ranking hell no if he wasnt lebrons sons he would be ranked like 2000th

    ballsdeepinyabitchballsdeepinyabitch2 days ago
  • Here I am wondering how powerful "LeBelt's"spanking is

    Shiva CruzShiva Cruz3 days ago
  • LeBron better than brony James because no LeBron no brony🤚

    Noel PesimoNoel Pesimo5 days ago
  • Dope vid! thnks

    Gary ChenGary Chen5 days ago
  • What crazy is the fact that all the pressure is concentrated on Bronny and none on Bryce.

    Marcello o j n NdagirwaMarcello o j n Ndagirwa6 days ago
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    Zac CantorZac Cantor10 days ago
  • So bronny is only a few days older than me he is 6,2 i am 5,6 i can barely dunk on a 8ft rim😭😭 like cmon now tf is this shit

    Typical ATypical A10 days ago
  • he's gonna be one tall and *lanky* point guard.

    William HuWilliam Hu12 days ago
  • Bronny goes against comp comp

    Potatoelol.Potatoelol.13 days ago
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    Chewy GamingChewy Gaming14 days ago
  • He reminds me of mickle Jordan

    Ultra MysticUltra Mystic14 days ago
  • Impact.

    RocknRoll4lifeRocknRoll4life14 days ago
  • Where does bronny stream twitch ?

    ninja 00ninja 0016 days ago
  • impact

    Joshua ChewJoshua Chew17 days ago
  • Lebron & Bronny is like Naruro & Boruto.

    Richh ComposureRichh Composure17 days ago
  • looks like brons dad.... Leicester Bryce Stovell

    italian water iceitalian water ice22 days ago
  • Just keep in mind that Lamelo was below 6' freshman year and grew to like 6'6" late in high school. I think bronny will definitely reach at least 6'6"

    Ian RowlandIan RowlandMonth ago
  • Lecommunist has lost 6 finals!

    StoryLV777StoryLV777Month ago
    • StoryLV777 and?

      Big AnusBig Anus23 days ago
  • Bryce has the potential to be the best James

    Ronald SimsRonald SimsMonth ago
  • Why do people don’t think bronny is good at basketball

    victoria sojkovavictoria sojkovaMonth ago
    • Because he doesn’t average that many points per game. What people fail to realize is that he is on one of the best teams and he was a freshman. Their comp is also ridiculously hard. But this year gonna be different!

      KRKR10 days ago
  • He could be USworldsr if he really wanted to he has 2 paths which is great if basketball does not work out which is unlikely he could be a great streamer/USworldsr

    Its NSG ClanIts NSG Clan2 months ago
  • Can we just stop with pointless comparisons and enjoy watching these athletes?

    Dressed CadaversDressed Cadavers2 months ago
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    We are LitWe are Lit2 months ago
  • Bronny Will Never be as good as Lebron just a fact but he Can become a ok NBA player

    Niller ChampenNiller Champen3 months ago
  • Fan from Philippines 👍

    FƏITAN playsFƏITAN plays3 months ago
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    Siddhanth TalukderSiddhanth Talukder3 months ago
  • imPaCt

    Jaddon SmithJaddon Smith3 months ago
  • He has never even been the 3rd best player on his team. He has been overhyped. Not like his dad ofcorse but definitely gets more credibility because his dad is the best super team building stat padder "I need more help" steroids taking farther is labron cry baby james. If not we would not know who he is at all. But he is a really cool kid. I like him better than his big head dad at that age

    Daniel BeaversDaniel Beavers3 months ago
  • Bronny being Better than LeBron

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez3 months ago
  • There’s a lot of pros and a lot of cons about bronny overall tho he might by way overhyped not hating on him or anything but his athleticism and stats are not even close to what we saw lebron do and even if bronny wasn’t on Sierra canyon I still don’t think he could have amounted to what lebron did so far but we will just have to wait and see

    Sebastien McCannSebastien McCann3 months ago
  • I'll be 100% honest man, I'm not subscribed because the first 3min of bla bla before the video actually starts is only bearable in small doses. #IMPACT

    The Gameplay GuyThe Gameplay Guy3 months ago
  • Imagine bronny goes to the lakers with hus dad

    PuLsE X CralloPuLsE X Crallo3 months ago
  • Y’all might hate on this, but Bronny is a lil bit overrated.

    Jason ZJason Z3 months ago
  • Is it just me or do y'all see some Kobe flare in Bronny?

    Adam CarrilloAdam Carrillo3 months ago
  • im 6’2 too

    Kiid ScarsKiid Scars3 months ago
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    Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz3 months ago
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    I’m no youtuberI’m no youtuber3 months ago
  • Lebron was better than him at his age more faster and more athletic, bronny might have a better shot and handles tho. If he grows to atleast 6'8 6'9 he will be alright

    Izza WrapIzza Wrap3 months ago
  • If you here a kid comeout of north carolina and kid from ohio, california, florida there will be some words

    Trick TurkeyTrick Turkey3 months ago
  • Lebron was better. Bronny is great, but that level of athleticism lebron was at in high school hasnt been seen often.

    Liam ButlerLiam Butler3 months ago
  • Bronny fr got jumpshot 38 😂

    BYT BeatsBYT Beats3 months ago
  • Impact

    Joyce Nyam SAJoyce Nyam SA3 months ago
  • Lebron will still be on his prime at 40.

    rei barrei bar3 months ago
  • When Lebron was a freshman he was 6’3 and had a crazy growth spert going into his sophomore year. So you gave to wait too see if Bronny gets that same growth spert before you can compare him to a sophomore Lebron

    StyloZAStyloZA3 months ago
    • lebron was the best highschool player of all time

      SickWxhySickWxhy20 days ago
    • Spert? Learn englisch pleas

      Hi iveHi iveMonth ago
  • You can’t say he is a sophomore if he hasn’t had any sophomore games yet

    StyloZAStyloZA3 months ago
  • Bronny is a freshman

    StyloZAStyloZA3 months ago
  • Impact

    Mid- Ohio-Mid- Ohio-3 months ago
  • Bronny's good, but I don't think he'll play with his dad!

    Leon&Co GamingLeon&Co Gaming3 months ago
  • Real question (not tryna hate) does this guy hoop? like whats his basketball history and does he hoop at all?

    RyLo NavelgasRyLo Navelgas4 months ago
  • Can you make a video of zaire wade

    Graciela CabalanGraciela Cabalan4 months ago
  • How good was jerry west????????

    Zedtric CottinghamZedtric Cottingham4 months ago
  • 2:23 those two people were like dude That 14 year old just for that 😂

    Dj AKDj AK4 months ago
  • Impact

    The Day One SquadThe Day One Squad4 months ago
  • He plays more like wade

    Moolah 2KMoolah 2K4 months ago
  • so he is basically the next curry + lebron

    CarnageCarnage4 months ago
  • Impact

    Wavers ParadiseWavers Paradise4 months ago
  • Impact

    JayNaeJayNae4 months ago
  • Bronny got the talent, he gotta step up. He should play for a team where his the main guy, not smart to play for a stack team. Also you comparing 6'2 15 to 16 LeBron. Bronny can grow to 6'6 at 16. Also no disrespect to kobe R.I.P, but his ranking was right. You just fan boying

    Daniel PpaDaniel Ppa4 months ago
  • Shit crazy he sound just like lebron

    AjaxMacAjaxMac4 months ago
  • Bronnys poise is most likely do to the pressure of being Lebron James Jr and that the spotlights were on him since he was born. And having the greatest player imo as your dad and him being there for you most likely helps Bronny take off a lot of pressure since he’s used to it.

    The Pinoy ShinobiThe Pinoy Shinobi4 months ago
  • Lebron lookin like lil Jimmy on south central. 😂

    Brooks FlemingBrooks Fleming4 months ago
  • Give him a few more years and he will be a top 5 ranked player

    Bu11et PlayzBu11et Playz4 months ago
  • "A whopping 6.8 points per game" Lmao Bronny's pretty good tho-

    • His team is loaded and he only a freshman

  • The better question is why doesn't Bronny look anything like his "Dad"? Happy father's day y'all

    Norumbega ManNorumbega Man4 months ago
  • “Impact”

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    Lionel LuytenLionel Luyten4 months ago
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    xPDZxPDZ4 months ago
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    Chris From HawaiiChris From Hawaii4 months ago
  • IMPACT hehe

    AnimetuberZAnimetuberZ4 months ago
  • All I know is at the age of 15 LeBron's hairline was tighter than Junior's

    Jon BlazeJon Blaze4 months ago
  • BRUH WHY EVEN MAKE THIS VIDEO,This video is a waste you know damn well bron going to win

    Kisha LarieKisha Larie4 months ago
  • I think bronny will be a like 6’6 230 type player or 220-225

    Cameron BandyCameron Bandy4 months ago
  • I know that’s his son but goodness they look so alike

    Real-time RamiReal-time Rami4 months ago
  • Impac

    alejandro alberto almontealejandro alberto almonte4 months ago
  • No wonder lebrons hairline was goners, look at his hair when he was 15 😂😭😂😂😂🤣💀

    Faze UpFaze Up4 months ago
  • LeBron is more on athletic Bronny is more on handles

    Pranches VillacesPranches Villaces4 months ago
  • I doubt bronny will make the NBA actually.

    damefamedamefame4 months ago
  • 8:59 lol who that giant on his team

    Sascha BlumenstielSascha Blumenstiel4 months ago
  • TIL LeBron is a! also, this is a lesser-known fact about LeBron...

    KidJVKidJV4 months ago
  • impact

    sherbaz23sherbaz234 months ago
  • I think it's crazy how much he sounds like his dad and looks like his dad it's crazy

    Kadence MayKadence May4 months ago
    • "his dad"

      Faze UpFaze Up4 months ago
  • Can you guys help me grow my MyLeauge channel i shoot my first video hope u guys enjoy it...

    BurakBurak4 months ago
  • Nice work! I think he'll be great! I see so many similarities!

    Positive WadePositive Wade4 months ago
  • You gotta stop buggin, telling us to subscribe. If someone enjoys your content, they will subscribe. Dont need to repeat it 10 times

    Nadow3391Nadow33914 months ago
  • Man when he said please subscribe for some reason I felt sorry he even said it was faster than bronny james dunk

    Kyle-Patric EatonKyle-Patric Eaton4 months ago
  • Are we that quick to forget that Lebron was the biggest talent in history...??? Bigger than MJ or anyone we have ever seen? Comon now.

    Eibot HorusEibot Horus4 months ago
  • Lebron jame was one of the greatest highschool players ever

    Anthony WattsAnthony Watts4 months ago
    • Xen Zion wasn’t even number one it was the Barrett

      Marvin LaguerreMarvin Laguerre2 months ago
    • Xen lebron was the top ranked in his class at basketball and football

      Marvin LaguerreMarvin Laguerre2 months ago
    • Xen yes he was lebron brought his whole school on national tv

      Marvin LaguerreMarvin Laguerre2 months ago
    • He wasn’t better than Zion

      XenXen3 months ago
  • Guys don’t put too much pressure on him all he wants to do is get better and better for sure on his sophomore year he will have more minutes and probably be a starting 5 and he can score more

    Mark_KilluahMark_Killuah4 months ago
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    FaDed_ HiddendragonFaDed_ Hiddendragon4 months ago
  • Bronny is not as athletic as lebron because hes not as deep into puberty as lebron was at his age. Bronny still has a baby face. Me in 8th grade, i was barely touching backboard, in 9th grade i was grabbing rim, and in 10th i was throwing baby dunks. I stopped playing highschool basketball for track because j wanted to get a scholarship so i didnt see how much farther i could go but still. Give bronny time until hes a senior and we will see how far he has come. He will probably be as athletic as lebron. Every year, bronny is making big strides. He threw down his first dunk in 8th grade and he was just a freshman this year and was already throwing nasty dunks. Watch his improvements

    VlackoutVlackout4 months ago
  • Impact 💪🏻

    King david GalangKing david Galang4 months ago
  • Please do a video on Landry shamet and his potential

    Warren BlanksonWarren Blankson4 months ago
  • I believe by the time the season starts if hs hoops come back im sure he will grow

    Kennard WelchKennard Welch4 months ago
  • Bronny have all the good tools and support from his father. He would probably be a great nba player but still unsure whether he can reach a hof status.

    Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar4 months ago
  • Those donations are out of pocket 😂

    DERZODERZO4 months ago
  • Bronny should be top 5

    DERZODERZO4 months ago
  • Bronny’s gonna shine next year 💯

    DERZODERZO4 months ago
  • Been said and ima say it again leave the kid alone let him grown up and fun and be a kid. Putting all this pressure on him will lead to the day where he might hate basketball because everyone wants to compare him to his dad just enjoy him for who he his and let him be.

    Da BIGOMNDa BIGOMN4 months ago