How GOOD Is 15 Year Old Mikey Williams Actually? (Ft. NBA Potential, LeBron, High School, & Dunks)

Sep 20, 2019
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Mikey Williams is a 15 year old that impressed LeBron James and has been called the best player in his class, but how good is Mikey Williams actually? #NBA #LeBron #Mikey
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Yeah, that 14 year old just got LeBron James screaming. And he’s been doing this… and this…. But who is he? His name is Mikey Williams and he’s been called the best 14 year old player on the planet. Now he’s 15, in his freshman year of high school and he’s been over all social media. The question is, how good is he actually?
Mikey Williams was LeBron James Jr’s AAU teammate and he was actually the best player on the team. Y’all really liked the LaMelo Ball video so I wanted to break down another hypes up player. There’s a lot of hype around him, so much so that he’s already being thought of as the number 1 pick in the 2024 draft. While that’s a pretty long way from now, I’ve just been seeing him pop up everywhere and so I was wondering, how good is he actually and is he more than just a flashy dunker?
Mikey Williams is attending San Ysidro High School and they just beat a team 108-28, yeah by 80. He’s now 6’ 3”, 175 which means he’s already a good guard height. San Ysidro high school isn’t some legendary high school like Oak Hill, Sierra Canyon, or Mater Dei, but they have been on the up and up with young talent. Mikey Williams will be a centerpiece. Not many people knew about Mikey until he started playing AAU with Bronny. I tried to find his exact vertical, but there wasn’t a specific number, but if he’s jumping over a 6 foot dude, and dunking on 7 footers, it has to be near 40 inches which is just insane for a 14 year old.
Apart from just his raw athleticism, Mikey Williams is actually a great guard. What I mean by that is that he has effective handles. They aren’t razzle dazzle like LaMelo’s or excessive like this… dang it Julian Newman, but he has good control over the ball. He keeps the ball close to his body and makes the move. If he doesn’t see an opening, he gets rid of the ball which keeps the ball moving. This means the offense isn’t stalling and it has everyone involved. This happens when Mikey is playing the point or the shooting guard. He’s also good at being a floor general, directing players and traffic.
With that dunking ability also comes a pretty good finishing ability. He’s able to power his way through contact and stay concentrated enough to hit the shot. He’s really good at using his body to shield the ball away from the defender. But he doesn’t use his left. I’m not sure whether it’s because he’s not confident in his left hand finishing ability or whether he’s just never been forced to use his left hand, but Mikey doesn’t use his left. Even his dunks are with his right hand. It’s so similar to how Zion doesn’t use his right hand for finishing.
Perhaps his best skill right now is his shooting. Let me rephrase that, it’s more that Mikey Williams seems to shoot more outside shots and is an elite shooter. Mikey actually has a very smooth looking jumpshot. His legs bend and then extends in sync with his upper body. He holds his follow through at the top and the ball has good rotation. His legs are very similar to how Kevin Durant bends his knees inward to shoot. His release is also moderately quick. He creates a decent amount of separation from his stepbacks. Mikey’s got some strong legs and so his stepback is quick and wide. I also see him shooting with NBA range. This isn’t all the time, but if he finds himself open, Mikey won’t hesitate to shoot. He’ll even bring the ball down and pull it. Even with this shooting ability. He doesn’t shoot too many times.
On the defensive side of things, Mikey is mean. Mikey has good timing for blocking shots. There’s only been a few prospects like Nassir Little that made a name as a lockdown defender in high school.
There’s a maturity in Mikey that isn’t common for 15 year olds of his stature. He’s been in the spotlight since he was 13, called the best 14 year old. He’s even been compared to LeBron James, but Mikey handles it with professionalism. He doesn’t go out and say anything outlandish, he wants to play for UCLA. His favorite player of all time and inspiration is LeBron and so Mikey has said that he admires LeBron’s approach to how he makes his teammates better and how he carries himself on and off the court. This coupled with his work ethic are all just intangibles that you hope every player has those principles. Those foundations let a player continue to get better and Mikey Williams seems to have it. That’s the best way to summarize Mikey Williams, he has the IT factor. He has vertical ability you can’t teach, a sense of being a floor general that you can’t teach, work ethic that you can’t teach.

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    • With a little improvement with his left hand and defense he’s going to be elite. As long as he stays healthy.

      ExileZOExileZO5 months ago
    • You didn't have to hate on Lamelo Ball to celebrate Mikey.

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    • Mikey will probably be the #1 pick in his draft. However, there are two people I could think of who might get picked over him.

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  • Damn, I thought this guy would be a small forward. But apparently he's only 6'3. Does anyone know his actual height? I hope he plays SF once he gets to college, because he's very similar to PG right now.

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  • First of all he has to be racking up technicals like crazy, because last I checked at the high school level dunking is a technical penalty. Second of all the kid is 15 dominating against high schoolers, not pro ballers. It's really easy for someone with NBA level talent to dominate against amateurs at the high school level, but it's like the smartest kid in high school going into medical school, it's a whole different league once his ass gets drafted in the NBA.

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