5 Times Kobe Bryant Absolutely OWNED His Competition (Ft. An NBA Legend, Motivation, Trash Talk)

Jan 31, 2020
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So here’s 5 times Kobe owned his opponents, his competition #Kobe #NBA #RIPKOBE
This has been a tough week. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that Kobe was my favorite player of all time, not for the stuff he did on the court, but for all the things he did off it. Many of his teachings, his principles bled into me, it’s what I live by, it’s why I love looking at the tiny details, it’s why I fight to do what I love since I was 7 years old. Kobe’s the reason I love basketball. He came into the league at the age of 17 before I was even born, but there was no part of Kobe physically that was overpowering. Kobe said this in an interview. “He was quick, but not blazing quick, he was fast, but not ridiculously fast, his hands very good size, but weren’t like MJ’s to palm the ball with that ease, his vertical was 40 inches but like 45.” Yet he would become the best player in the NBA, become the most skilled player in NBA history, become one of the greatest players in NBA history because he would work harder than everyone else. He made me believe in myself because Kobe once said that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. An 18 time All-Star, 5 time champion, an MVP, 2 times Finals MVP, those accolades don’t do him justice for what he meant to basketball. The ultimate competitor yet humble and personal with all those close to him. He was so much bigger than life that I thought he could stare death straight in the eyes and just say nah. He has brought the whole world together, not just the basketball community because he motivated millions around the world. We also lost Gianna Bryant and 7 other people in the helicopter crash, so please let’s just take a moment to pay respects for them. At the age of 41, Kobe had so much more to give, he was doing so much for all sports around the world, motivating all industries of people on how to be better, and most importantly, he was an amazing father.
These stories aren’t just Kobe dominating his competition, it’s about the work he put in, the lessons through it. There is an organization that Kobe started called the Kobe and Vanessa Family Foundation which focuses on youth and families in need by creating unique programs to keep the youth involved such as sports and financial resources for families to support their kids’ dreams, any earnings from this video will be donated to the foundation and if you can, please donate to the fundraiser down below to support Kobe’s dreams and visions. And let’s celebrate Kobe.
This is actually the third video in this series, I have covered 10 other times, some that are iconic like Kobe’s 81, or some with hidden motivations like what was really behind Kobe’s 61 at MSG. These 5 in this video have some meaning behind them.
These stories are just a sliver of who Kobe was. There’s so much more to Kobe Bryant than just this, but these moments represented some of the core values that made Kobe so special. They celebrate what Kobe preached and wanted to pass on to the world. Kobe was bigger than life and he was only doing better in his second career. And as crazy as this might sound, he was an even better father. Let’s keep Kobe’s legacy alive, let’s be inspired to be the best version of ourselves we can, to push beyond our limits and then some. It’s what Kobe would have wanted. There’s so much more I could say, but I just want to leave you with this.

  • "Dedication sees dreams come true." Rest Easy Kobe Let's make him proud. Please donate to the Mamba Sports Foundation: mambasportsacademy.com/mamba-sports-foundation/

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