5 More Times Kobe Bryant Absolutely OWNED His Competition (Ft. Kyrie Irving & Dunks)

Aug 9, 2019
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Kobe Bryant is the Black Mamba, super competitive, and has absolutely owned and destroyed his competition. So here are 5 times Kobe’s done it. #kobe #nba
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Kobe’s faced a lot of people over the years. A lot of people have tried to stop him, get under his skin, and a lot of people failed.
Number 1 Kobe Dunks on Nash
It’s game 2 of the 2006 NBA Playoffs, you know the season Kobe scored 81 and had Kwame Brown, Smush Parker, and Luke Walton starting. The Lakers are the seventh seed and the Suns are the second. Raja Bell is matched up on the Kobe and Bell genuinely hates Kobe. Kobe didn’t like the Suns, later on saying “We hated those guys. We felt like they were so arrogant, It was always like, ‘We could beat you guys any time we want.’” It was already bad blood boiling. And in the first quarter, Vujacic sort of nudges Steve Nash. Nash gets upset and starts mouthing off, Kobe comes in between and they just start jarring at each other. You could see Kobe getting real mad. Fast forward to the 4th quarter and its a 7 point game with 3 minutes left and then Kobe does this. All the frustration out at once at a pivotal moment. Nash’s feet were out of the restricted area so you could definitely make the case for a charge, but he just destroyed Nash.
Number 2 Kobe “Doin Work” At MSG
So Kobe is doing a documentary with Spike Lee called “Doin Work” in 2007-08. Spike Lee had 30 cameras and mics followed Kobe during a Lakers-Spurs game in April 2008. Kobe was supposed to voice over the film to give his opinions and insights on that game and so it was schedule that Spike Lee and Kobe would voice over it together on February 2nd, 2009, right after the Lakers play the Knicks in MSG. Now Spike Lee is a diehard Knicks fan, you probably seen him fight with LaVar or heckle stars. So what did Kobe do in the game? He dropped 61 points. Yeah, 61. He came out and scored 18 in the first quarter. The second quarter was when he just started hitting some ridiculous Kobe shots. He ended the game with 61 points on 31 shots. Look at Spike.
Number 3 You Just Came Outta High School Kid
During a practice in 2012 NBA olympic, a 20 year old Kyrie Irving challenged a 34 year old Kobe to a 1 v 1 for $50,000 to a charity, telling Kobe that you can’t guard me. The hell? Kobe might be 34 years old but he just finished 4th in MVP voting, Kyrie told a guy with 9 first team all defense and 4 second team all defense selections that he couldn’t guard him. And so the first game between the Lakers and Cavs on December 11, 2012, Kyrie would put a little extra on that night scoring 28 points and 11 assists, but he never scored on Kobe. Kobe on the other hand, scored 42 points including multiple fadeaways over Kyrie. Yeah, so Kobe shut down Kyrie after Kyrie had said over and over again that Kobe couldn’t guard him. Kyrie went at Kobe, well at least he tried and he got owned.
Number 4 The Black Mamba Rises
The year is 2004, Kobe and his wife Vanessa are going through a lot. Kobe is dealing with sexual assault charges and is going to court. His wife at one point threw his clothes out on the street. It’s March 15, 2004 and apparently Vanessa is in one of those angry moods. Kobe only had 1 point and took 4 shots in the first half. That’s not Kobe. T-Mac had 21 and the Magic were up by 11 at half time. He realized that while he may not be able to control everything else, he can control one thing and that is how he plays on the basketball court so he created the Black Mamba. T-Mac said that the second half was a completely different Kobe. He whooped our butts in the second half. All of that is very true. Kobe just started playing like a killer. Dunking with anger, hitting fadeaways, locking T-Mac up. The Lakers were down 10 and Kobe just took over and scored 10 points straight.
Number 5 Mamba Out
So many people told me I missed this one in my last video so I had to include it in this one. We’re talking about Kobe’s last game on April 13, 2016. This whole Lakers season has pretty much been disappointing, just a Kobe farewell season. Shaq challenged Kobe to go out and get 50 points. Kobe got off to a bad start going 0-5 in the first 6 minutes of the game. And with this block, Kobe got going and made his first shot. And then started to get into rhythm, making 5 straight baskets, all just Kobe-esque. The Jazz are up 10 with 2:36 left in the game. Kobe has 47 points and let the madness begin. Kobe kept making shot after shot after shot after shot. He split the double team and made this pull up. Fading away 3 over Trey Lyles and everyone couldn’t believe their eyes. Then Kobe hits this, a pull 2 over the dropping defender.
Which moments did I miss? Is Kobe the best shot maker in NBA history? Which players could actually beat Kobe in 1 v 1?

  • What's your favorite Kobe moment? Who could beat him in a 1 v 1? Get this to 10K likes for another 5 times, I love making these :)

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  • This video only touches on how special a player he was on the court. Next to Mike, one of a kind. And not being a fan of either (Raptors fan man) I can say from the heart: "You are sadly missed. RIP Black Mamba!!!!" 🙏

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